Silver Crocodile Statue

This Silver Crocodile Statue is an article in the shape of crocodile, which has real multi semi-precious and precious gemstones all over. The detailed craftsmanship of Silver Crocodile Statue includes placing small stones between the big stone. The engraving that is s done on Silver Crocodile StatueĆ¢€™s face, legs and tail is mesmerizing. This Silver Crocodile Statue can be used as a show piece for decoration in offices, home, etc. Further, this Silver Crocodile Statue can be made using gemstones such as garnet or amethyst as per the requirements of the clients.

Weight : 320 grams

Material Used : Silver alongside semi-precious stones such as garnet, amethyst, golden topaz, blue topaz and peridot. Also, we use small-sized precious stones such as emerald, ruby and sapphire